Local Search Strategy

Be locally effective
Our goal is to provide high quality and highly local-market focussed search engine solutions to businesses and corporate. As we know that almost 40 per cent of Google searches are local market oriented, we research, plan and execute our strategy in a way that you are better known in the local market which could guide your business and marketing strategy. It is also known that local businesses must be mobile-optimised for being effective and productive.

Local or city-scale
Business operating in cities or other small scales need to have an effective business strategy in place to be visible to the customers in and around the place where the business is located.

Our specialty enables you to dominate the global as well as local market depending upon the packages opted. We rely and implement our strategy of ‘geo-focus’ to enable your business perform for the local market and give your business all the competitive edge through our strategy of geographically oriented search engine strategy.

They key to the efforts is to locate and apply the local search terms and local market requirements so that your business becomes locally relevant. We ensure your exposure to the local customer base through local SEO and PPC. We strive to make your website optimised for location-specific keywords as well as the local business listings such as Google+ Local and Bing Local. We make sure that users searching their products and services on their mobiles find you at top on the result pages.